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Examples of Tuckman's Stages of Group Development

Teamwork is an essential part to working in a community. While life doesn't always work in neat steps of development, Tuckman's stages of group development summarize well common aspects of group development in real life. To clarify these stages, presented below are video clips from various movies. I hope this helps you as you all work to make the world a better place.

*I found the first clip. The remaining four were given to us by the Emerging Leadership Program instructors, and the task was to match them to the proper stage.

-Missing Clip (Mulan)--Stage 1 (Forming)
"Let's get down to business/To defeat the Huns/.../Heed my every order/And you might survive/.../We must be swift as the coursing river/With all the force of a great typhoon/With all the strength of a raging fire/Mysterious as the dark side of the moon"-from the video

In this clip, the members are taught the expectations of their task. Their task is simple, but hard. The leader of the group gives them exercises to train them of their roles in this single unit. Mulan, while she struggles to "find her place," eventually emerges as a leader (handout). The character who originally was hostile to her changes "during this phase of group development" as he learns to help, not hurt, his fellow teammates (handout).

-Clip 3 (Remember the Titans)--Stage 2 (Storming)
"Why should I give a hoot about you or anybody else out there...I'm going to look out for myself."-from the video

This statement certainly smells of "hostility" and "negativity" through "expressing individuality" (handout). At this point, this team member doesn't realize that being on a football team means you watch out for each other. All he is concerned about is his own performance, but that will be stunted until he learns that the energy of the team is what will help him grow.

-Clip 1 (Coach Carter)--Stage 3 (Norming)
"I'll do push-ups for him Sir, we're a team. When one person struggles, we all struggle. When one person triumphs, we all triumph."-from the video

This member of the basketball team essentially says that "We're all doing this together!" (handout). When he starts doing push-ups for the member who didn't perform well, he starts a chain reaction of the rest of the team to work on finishing the 80 suicides and 500 push-ups--as a team.

-Clip 4 (Finding Nemo)--Stage 4 (Performing)
"He's going to get flushed...He did it!...All drains lead to the ocean."-from the video

It takes the whole group of sea creatures and the pelican to help Nemo fulfill his goal--to get back to the ocean. As a team, they succeeded. From the assertiveness, to the angelfish to the performance of the pelican, to the cohesiveness of the rest of the fish in the tank, the pointed choreography of the team (which required trust and creativity) met their goal.

-Clip 2 (Aladdin)--Stage 5 (Adjourning)
"Genie, you're free!...I'm going to miss you."-from the video
"A whole new world/A whole new life/For you and me"-from the video

The first quote shows the "sense of loss" (handout) often associated with the deformation of a group. Aladdin will miss Genie, and vice versa. But, Genie must go explore the world enjoying his freedom.
The second quote explains the continuing of the relationship formed during the group's journey. Not all groups completely break up after the goal is achieved; sometimes they start a new ride. In this case, Aladdin and Jasmin will continue their lives together. 

Have you experienced these stages of development? How did you resolve conflict and become cohesive with your team?

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